The New Telescopic
Range of Motion
Knee Brace

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  • Universal Sizing

    • Maximum Strength, Minimum Weight

    • High Grade Anodised Aluminium

    • Length Range 44 cm - 70 cm



Designed for comfort. Optimised for Airflow. Silicone for ultra grip.

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Range of Motion control with 5 drop lock settings.

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Innovative soft touch 'Y-tabs' with low profile hook surface

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Quick-clip Range of Motion Settings

The range of motion settings can be easily adjusted via the spring loaded quick-clips by a simple 'pull and slide' motion.

The design prevents unintentional changes to the flexion and extension settings.

The drop lock is ergonomically designed to be easily locked and unlocked due to its curved concave profile.

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Optimised for Airflow

Advanced production techniques of brace pads allow integration of airflow channels enhancing breathability and improving patient comfort. The brace pads are manufactured using high quality foam offering an effective balance of comfort and resistance.

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Ascender Telescopic ROM Knee Brace

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